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How A Wireless Surround Sound System Can Transform Your Living Room

Wireless surround sound speakers

Whether or not you have an existing surround sound system in your home, a wireless system can completely transform your entertainment experience. Unfortunately, cable management is never easy. When speakers have to be positioned all over your living room, things can get out of control.

Are you tired of a mess of wires in your living room or sick of relying on your TV’s underpowered integrated speakers? This article will explain how wireless surround sound can transform your listening experience with minimal clutter.

While wireless options were limited in past years, the technology has advanced rapidly. Modern wireless surround sound systems compete with wired options in sound quality and lifespan. If you’re interested in exploring wireless surround sound speakers for your living room, it’s essential to understand the basics.

What Is Surround Sound?

A surround sound system is a type of sound system that connects to your television. The integrated speakers in your TV are usually underpowered and almost always rear-facing. As a result, the speakers project sound backward, making it challenging to determine the audio’s directionality.

Surround sound solves this problem by placing speakers around the viewer. By placing speakers in every direction, homeowners can easily determine the origin of an individual noise. The effect this type of sound system creates is genuinely stunning, allowing listeners to hear details and dialogue that they would miss with traditional equipment.

Surround sound can transform your entertainment experience regardless of the type of media you prefer. Music fans will appreciate the wide sound stage and crisp detail of modern wireless sound systems and wireless subwoofers. While soundbars and free-standing speakers can produce impressive volume, the feeling of being surrounded by the music is impossible to recreate.

If movies are of more interest to you, surround sound can help immerse you in the narrative by allowing you to distinguish the origin of each sound in the scene. By separating the sounds, surround sound systems make dialogue easier to understand and better dramatize action sequences.

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Why Choose Surround Sound Speakers?

Basement with surround sound

While various speaker options can boost your television’s audio, surround sound systems remain the gold standard. Modern soundbars can do a passable job of mimicking positional audio through clever engineering tricks. However, nothing measures up to the depth and breadth of surround sound speakers.

With surround sound, the system doesn’t create the illusion of audio coming from a particular direction. Instead, the noise genuinely comes from that direction.

Overall, a properly installed and calibrated surround sound system can transform the way you consume media. With a surround system, you can engross yourself in every song or movie you play.

Components of Wireless Surround Sound Systems

The components of a wireless surround sound system

The main factor that dissuades homeowners from using surround sound systems is the number of parts required. Compared to the single unit of a soundbar, the multiple speakers and devices involved with surround sound systems can be too intimidating for some users.

Fortunately, these systems are relatively simple once you understand each component’s role. Additionally, modern wireless surround sound systems are far easier to set up than traditional systems. So, there’s no better time to take the leap to surround sound.

The following sections will give an overview of the different components of these systems. Read on to learn about each part you’ll need.

Central Speaker

The foundation of a surround sound system is usually the central speaker. This component is typically a soundbar in modern designs, but may also be a traditional speaker. This speaker goes below the television like a standard soundbar and will handle any frontal audio coming from your TV.

Surround Speakers

The smaller speakers positioned around the viewer make surround sound systems unique. Naturally, your system will include these speakers. However, it’s up to you to determine where to place them around the room.


A crucial element of any sound system, the subwoofer creates lower-frequency sounds, namely bass sounds. Adding a wireless subwoofer to your existing sound system is perhaps the most dramatic improvement you can make. Because it’s difficult for the ear to detect directionality in bass tones, you can place this speaker anywhere in the room and provide the same effect.

Advantages of Wireless Surround Sound Systems

Example drawing of surround sound system

Surround sound systems can massively improve your enjoyment of all media types on your television. However, they have some significant downsides.

For example, set-up of a surround system can be tedious and complicated for some. Moreover, managing the cables running to each component is not always straightforward. For these reasons, many homeowners settle for a soundbar to give them less dynamic audio performance but superior convenience.

Fortunately, wireless surround sound systems allow you to maintain the convenience of a soundbar while receiving the best experience possible from your movies and TV. These systems pair via Bluetooth and wi-fi, so hooking up your surround sound system is a breeze.

While you’ll still have to decide on locations for each speaker, you won’t have to worry about moving wires each time. This convenience makes it easy to experiment and find the ideal placement for your space.

Optimize Your Listening Experience Today in Kansas City, KS

If you want the most immersive possible experience for your movies and music, a wireless surround sound system is your best bet. A wireless speaker system can complete the ultimate living room or home theater. It offers optimum performance and audio quality without the clutter of wired options.

While surround sound technology is impressive, proper calibration and set-up are crucial to maximum performance. If you live in the Kansas City area, Long Wire KC can help design and install the perfect system for your home.

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