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A professionally installed home network will improve your daily life by enhancing the quality and reliability of your home Wi-Fi. As your peace of mind, productivity, and entertainment now rely on Internet connectivity, it’s important to have a network that can not only support dense multimedia traffic, but also optimize it.

So Many Devices

The demand on our home WiFi is greater than ever. The number of wireless devices that are connecting to your home WiFi is growing with every piece of technology you add to your home. Smart home automation systems, gaming and almost all of today’s media (Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, etc.) rely on network performance. If you have kids, you have likely heard about YouTube or Fortnite “lagging”.

Network Design

We design and install home networks that resemble the network you would find in a corporate office. Top industry experts recommend commercial-grade routers and switches in the home. Most consumer grade off-the-shelf routers can’t support the number of devices competing for data or streaming video from the Internet. The WiFi router provided by your service provider is just not designed to handle the load from the number of WiFi devices currently in our homes. They likely are installing the cheapest router that they can charge you ten bucks a month for.

We use industry leading network hardware designed to power resource-hungry A/V and automation systems. The devices include high-powered chipsets for fast internet speeds, even in congested multi-application home networks. Intelligent features help to prioritize latency-sensitive multimedia traffic, simplify network management, and optimize overall network performance. Our professionally designed network solutions will significantly outperform your service provider’s equipment. Our WiFi speeds and coverage in a home with fiber internet are actually faster than what you would get from using your provider’s equipment.

Wired vs. Wireless

Advancements in wireless technology are narrowing the performance gap between a wired and wireless network connection. Still today, wired is faster and more reliable than wireless.

We get calls regularly from potential clients who have tried consumer based Mesh network solutions like Eero or Orbi. The problem with those solutions is that Mesh networks are passive systems that aren’t focused on device roaming (moving between access points), they are all about coverage. The downside there is that each piece can only repeat as good of a signal as it gets. You lose speed and increase latency with each hop. All specifications are based on 3 piece systems with one hop.

We are experts at getting wires wherever they need to be. We can hardwire system components to your centralized network and/or install pro-grade wireless access points to expand your WiFi and handle the networking needs of your system. A combination of wired and wireless is ideal. Wi-Fi may have to travel between multiple walls and framing and can be blocked by stone fireplaces, hidden ductwork and beams. So if your Wi-Fi connection is on one side of the house but you are trying to use Wi-Fi on the other side, your signal and speed will be diminished if you have a signal at all.

For thorough WiFi coverage, we survey your home and strategically install Wireless Access Points where they need to be. Wireless Access Point or “WAP”, is somewhat of a confusing name. These are actually hardwired to your network but provide wireless (WiFi) signal. These are purposefully wired and installed around your home and even outside.

Network Monitoring

We can monitor your network and selected devices to ensure connectivity and make changes as needed remotely. If a system component falls off of your network, or needs a firmware update, we are notified. Our clients tell us that they like that we can often diagnose and fix the issue before they are even aware of it.