Are Smart TVs Dumb?

Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz on a TV screen

Did you know that Netflix is the top streaming app in terms of the number of subscribers? The service is over 25 years old. Initially, DVD rentals were made by mail. Netflix began streaming services in 2007 and has become a trendy way to chill. A brief history The first Smart TV arrived in stores […]

How Can I Control AV System Equipment that is in Another Room?

Today, you can enjoy a sleek and streamlined setup with just one device – a smart TV. The remote that comes with your smart TV allows for basic controls like power, volume, and content browsing. It’s simplicity at its finest. But what if you want to take your entertainment experience to the next level? Adding […]

10 Reasons High-End Builders Embrace Home Tech

Are you a high-end builder looking for ways to set yourself and your homes apart? Now may be the time to embrace home technology as part of your builds. Adding a good custom integrator to your sub-contractor team may be your next logical step.  (YOU HAVE TO READ #10!!) So here are the top 10 […]

What Is The Cost Of A Smart Home System You’ll Love?

People in Johnson County think the cost of a smart home system is well worth the investment. You, as a smart homeowner, want to know what something can cost before calling around trying to buy it. This is especially smart when it comes to installing a system that changes how your house works (for the […]